The first time…

Admittedly, the title of this post seems vague, open-ended, incomplete and seemingly not about poetry. It lacks context to give it clarity and appears lost without direction. However, don’t despair. The fact that the title is open allows it to be a fantastic writing prompt. We can add whatever comes to mind as our context.

Adding context completes the idea of the sentence. It becomes alive and has a direction we can follow. We now have an idea for writing something fresh and unique. The idea is a really cool and easy to create writing prompt.

We can easily make this about poetry by adding “…I wrote a poem,” It can easily become a writing prompt, just add an ending. It’s also a great tool for breaking through writer’s block. Quickly make a list of ten endings. Don’t think too much here. Spin out your ideas regardless if they make sense or not. Then, once you have a list, pick the one that you feel excited about. Or maybe the one that seems strange and sinister. Then, write a poem about it.

The first time I wrote a post

Yes. this is the very first time.