Our Concept

Our concept is multifaceted as well as a work in progress. The more time I work here, the more ideas and challenges I become involved with.

What Is Currently Offered

Currently, concepts include several types of post, an About Me Post which starts at my birth, a Poetry Post where I will post my work and try to select poems that are somewhat relevant to one of the other current post, a Writing Prompt Post offering poets a chance to create a work that can then be shared on this site with a chance of the writer receiving a positive critique from me and this will depend on how many poems are posted; however anyone may comment as long as they respect the poet, offer up what you like about the poem, and make helpful critiques. No rudeness or negative comments allowed.

A Helpful Hint Post the focus of which will be to offer up tidbits about all aspects of writing, grammar, and punctuation, and another post that just came to me as I am writing this, a post that will offer up rules about different types of poetry. Not sure what to name it, but something will come to me.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about the site or perhaps you may have an idea that could be incorporated here.

Thanks everyone!

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